Hello, my name is Dumebi Pemberton and I am the founder of Midwife Dumebi. I am a registered midwife in the UK and a mother to two amazing young children.

I always wanted to be in the medical field from as young as I can remember, my mother recalls me as a toddler playing with my toy doctor kit and administering pretend injections to my family members.

In my secondary school work experience placement at age 15 was where I fell in love with midwifery. I was allocated in the maternity ward in my local hospital and since then I knew I wanted to become a midwife.

I have been practicing midwifery for over 7 years, working for the NHS in one of London's teaching hospitals. I have worked across the department: antenatal clinic, maternity inpatients and labour ward - where I currently work.

I am also an Adult registered nurse, I qualified over 10 years ago and have a background in gynaecology nursing; working in gynae oncology, fertility and TOP clinics and assisting in hystreroscopy, colposcopy and LLETZ procedures.

I have always been passionate about women's health and consider myself a champion for women's and maternal health which initiated me to start Midwife Dumebi's Instagram page.

Midwife Dumebi

I created this platform in January 2020 to provide maternal health information to everyone from expectant parents, fellow midwives and midwifery/nursing students.

Apart from sharing knowledge, my aim for BM is to ensure representation of Black Women. In my first pregnancy, I researched a lot of pregnancy blogs, pregnancy IG pages and even pregnancy and birth apps and I felt they lacked in showing representation of black women and families. Midwife Dumebi is here to make a difference!

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