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Pregnant in a pandemic

September 1st, 2020

2020, what a year it has been so far!

I was actually planning a pregnancy at some point during this year, however those plans would’ve been put on hold as the world was hit with the global pandemic: Covid-19.

I found out I was expecting in mid February and I was beyond surprised - I had just returned back to work as a registered midwife and was just starting to feel like myself (one year postpartum). Once the shock and Hyperemesis settled the excitement kicked in and I’m looking forward to this next chapter of motherhood with 2 under 2!

In this current climate I would say I have been happy with my antenatal care, it is definitely different to my previous pregnancy with the fewer visits and telephone appointments but my midwife and GP have been good and for that I’m grateful.

I was offered my dating and anomaly ultrasounds as normal, although I wasn’t allowed to have my husband with me due to the social distancing guidelines. At both of those scans I had an appointment with my midwife (continuity of care was great as I saw the same midwife both times) where my blood pressure measured, urine checked and the relevant information was given to me. I was referred to an obstetric consultant in regards to my past medical history and I missed the telephone appointment twice before she got through to me on her third call - all in all I’m happy this has been my experience during the pandemic because I’m afraid to admit that I did lower my expectations of the service because of the current climate.

Some words of advice for expectant mothers during this time:

  • Do not panic, you’ve got this! Always go with your instincts - you know your body.
  • Please speak up and do not hesitate to ask your healthcare professionals questions - there is no such thing as a silly question.
  • Please attend all your hospital appointments and ultrasounds, I understand the fear of being in hospital at this time but your antenatal appointments are vital in the care for you and your unborn baby.
  • Please educate yourself on pregnancy and childbirth, the more knowledge you have the better you will be at making informed choices for your health. There are so many tools out there to help you: Your pregnancy & baby guide, Start4Life under the NHS & the National Childbirth Trust are very useful for information.

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Thank you for reading!

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